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Chai (tea) is not just a beverage for Indians; it is an emotion. The morning sip of kadak chai can set the tone for the entire day. While the youth is running towards Western beverages, Piyush Raj Parihar (founder of Chai, Chahat aur Shayari) is reviving the age-old tradition of tea culture with a unique theme Chai & Shayari. He started his tea venture in 2016 under the name Crazy Bhukkad but soon changed it to Chai, Chahat, aur Shayari. It is a franchise business model with a long-term sustainability plan.

The story behind the name of the brand is as flavourful as the tea they serve. After his extensive research, Piyush realized that people in India are more emotionally inclined towards tea than any other beverage. He wanted people to connect with his brand like they were connected to the tea culture. And a better way to communicate than to include some soulful shayari in the mix. There are 6800 shayaris written solely on Chai. Piyush and his creative mind started to work, and the result is a card with a Chai-based shayari written on it that is served with every cup of kulhad Chai at “Chai, Chahat aur Shayari”.

According to Piyush's research, most of us are fascinated in food industry but, most food-based businesses fail within six months to a year. The reason lies in two factors, the first is frequent change in taste and the second is food wastage. Customers who get hooked because of the flavour will stop approaching if they stop getting the same taste. Secondly, the owner of the food business needs to develop a thick skin when it comes to the enormous amount of food that is prone to get wasted.

This is where Chai, Chahat, aur Shayari take the initiative. They believed one just needed one properly trained employee and one or two helpers to run the entire show. The highlight of the model is that it is a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) model with a wastage ratio of only 2 percent. Under the model, the skilled employee will become a partner of 30 percent from the 1st year itself. The percentage increases to 40 percent in the second year and goes as up to 50 percent in the third year.

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Piyush belongs to North India, and both his parents are Economists. He moved to Bangalore in 2008 to pursue MBA from MS Ramaiah and got placed in The Times of India. After gathering an experience of 14 years or what he calls his "14 Saal ka Vanvaas", he poured all of his learnings and expertise into his brainchild, “Chai, Chahat aur Shayari”. Presently, his franchise has six running outlets, one in Gurugram, one in Assam, and four in Bangalore. His next targeted cities are Lucknow, Pune & Patna. Soon they are crossing border and will start operating in Middle East and United Kingdom.

Piyush has stayed true to his roots by serving tea in Kulhad (earthen cup). When one grabs a small Kulhad they travel back to childhood takes them to the simpler times when they would gather around local tea shops, sipping hot kulhad Chai and discussing the mysteries of life with their friends and loved ones.


He went the extra mile, quite literally, to secure the authentic kulhads and not the ones that are sold in markets. He wanted his customers to have an authentic aroma of kulhad. His search for kulhad ended in a tiny house of a local potter in a small town called Pratapgarh.

Through his brand, Piyush wants to provide an honest way of employment to the people who have the money but not enough time and those who have the time to learn a skill but not enough capital to invest.


Visit the nearest outlet and have a soulful romance with Chai or make an investment today.
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Facebook: crazybhukkadindia

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