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Mynoo Maryel is recognized as a global influencer, an acclaimed author, a visionary and a thought leader. To many she is a mystique, a revered life coach -business mentor and a spiritual confidante.  

Appreciated and acknowledged, worldwide, for bringing forth the World Dignity Forum- the conscious parallel to the World Economic Forum, with global solutionaries on one platform in 2019, Mynoo Maryel is an avid proponent of spirituality, full spectrum living, sustainable environment, empowering women, and global peace.

She has worked extensively over the years and led an EU and UK government funded 6-year study, researching 258 global leaders, innovators, visionaries, on what it takes to be an Inspired Leader.  This led to her introducing the Inspired Leadership Index; and uncovering the 7 Habits of Inspired Leaders and the 7 deadly sins of leadership and how to redeem them.  She became a global authority on this subject and a mentor to global leaders and corporations, mentoring each one to their own true 'potential' and 'source mastery'.

Having hugely impacted top echelons of the industry, Fortune 500 corporations and major government organizations, as a mentor and coach; Mynoo Maryel today has patrons from across all segments - celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEOs -CXOs and business women. She is also, all out there to inspire the Youth at Universities and Schools and Colleges into inspired beings – inspired leaders and founders of responsible businesses! 

From a gold medallist to being a highflying corporate executive and pragmatic serial entrepreneur, hobnobbing amongst the top echelons of the business in UK, did not come on a platter; but the trauma by one’s love- wherein she was mentally, physically, and emotionally tortured by her childhood love, whom she married, while her professional career was taking off in UK, deeply impacted her and changed the course, of her life.  

Mynoo, left everything and leaped out into the great unknown; moved to Bali in 2010 for three months and that turned out to be a 9-year stay, where she experienced a series of spiritual awakenings - her spiritual calling - to inspire each one to their own ‘true potential’ and ‘source mastery. She landed, on both feet, in pure magic, where expecting and accepting miracles are the norm.  

The BE Book authored by Mynoo Maryel is her extraordinary story. The BE Book shows a way of enjoying the journey whilst harnessing every opportunity and keeping yourself rejuvenated by mastering the BEING DOING Dance, like a Tango, that equips you to live your passion NOW! 

Mynoo Maryel’s vision is to reawaken human beings and humanity to dignity – ‘restoring dignity’ and ‘enriching lives’. 

Mynoo Maryel is a regular invitee- speaker to prestigious platforms - United Nations, WIN-Women's International Network, AREDAY - one of the most important conferences on climate change solutions, HORASIS - International think tank in Zurich and other prestigious conventions of the EU.  

Mynoo Maryel has spoken on global platforms alongside Larry King, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Peter Drucker, Bill Clinton, Arthur C Clarke, Tim Berners Lee, President Al Gore and many other stalwarts of business and society at large. 

Other than being a seasoned entrepreneur, Mynoo is an educator, painter, and artist and has also been an award-winning Movie Producer and Executive Producer and a proud mother, and grandmother. She is the Founder of POEM Foundation and Co-Founder of Federation 100 and JEGO.     

Mynoo is honoured with the prestigious Powerhouse Global Women award in recognition of her contribution to Women Empowerment. Mynoo   co-created Women’s Social Entrepreneurs Network in the UK and went on to become the Vice Chairman of the International Women’s Network in UTAH (State in US) with more than a million women from 132 countries.

Mynoo’s work on Women Empowerment is basis, her experience, having gone through the trials and tribulations, including oursting through the proverbial glass ceiling and unleashing herself from the trap of a narcissistic marriage, however, her perspective also reflects the learning she has with the women in the networks, she had the privilege to serve.    

Mynoo Maryel talks about the celebration of life and that there is only ONE purpose of Life- it is to come ALIVE!  

Mynoo Maryel says, “we have entered a realm in which collaboration, co-creation, and interdependence are a new reality, an era in which trust is the new brand, good really is good, openness is the new focus, and adaptability is the key to consistency.”  

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