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Jessica Snock Ak

Creating a history, Jessica Snock Ak is the first married woman from Northeast India to have won both the prestigious title of Mrs United Nations & Mrs India Earth Sapphire and many more Coveted titles both National  and International. 

Her achievements And accolade include:

Mrs United Nations
Mrs India Earth Sapphire
Mrs India United Nations 
Mrs Face of the Northeast India
Mrs Popular Earth
Mrs Photogenic United Nations 

She is also appointed as the Peace Ambassador for United Nations Peace Keeping Force, Southeast Asia.

Brand Ambassador for one of the best Brands in Thailand, Vega.

Awards and Recognition:
She was awarded for Dedication, Leadership, support for humanitarian and Human Rights by International organisation of Human Rights.

US Presidential Advisory Board Award from the White House of United States of America for Humanitarian efforts around the world in promoting Peace and Human Development.

Award and Recognition from the Royal House of Thailand and Jessica has also walked the Blue carpet in Thailand.

The Brilliant Star World Classic Awardee.

Jessica  has also been featured by various international fashion brands and  has been featured in multiple media houses around the world for commercials and brand stories. She lives her life on the popular quote: It is not about the years in your life that count, it is the life in your years. She aspires to contribute to the society in every way possible. Her aspiration in her life to serve and give back to the society in as many ways as possible, because she believes throughout our life we have been using this world for our needs and purpose and now it is the time to give back to society whichever way we can. Being a mother herself, she believes that every child deserves love, care and a secured environment to live in. Being a woman, she want to help empower women and help them realize their rights.

She stand for girl child education as she believe by educating girl child we not only empower woman but we also empower her family, community and country as well.Paulo Coelho wrote in The Alchemist, "And, when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." In real life too, if we really want to achieve something and have a deep calling for it, we find courage within us to deal even with the most tough situations. Jessica profile as a powerful strong woman with so many achievements and accolades  is indeed somewhat very inspirational to all women.

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